We continuously strive to expand our customer base, seeking to work with new importers, distributors and wholesalers wherever possible. We constantly innovate, introducing new ideas for our partners at every stage, to stay ahead of the curve;

To develop business in a particular market, we use the following model;

  1. Execute a detailed survey of the target market
  2. Identify the sector which offers maximum opportunity and determine which products will give the maximum reward
  3. Analyse the strength of the local players involved and partner with passionate and driven entrepreneurs and companies
  4. Create a unique offering which is adapted for that market
  5. Establish how best to capitalise from the opportunity
    • Develop trade partners in the destination market.
    • Form a joint venture operation with a local company, which can include establishing a local office, warehousing and local distribution.
    • Incorporation of a wholly owned independent local operation at destination, investing in infrastructure and personnel
  6. Achieve year on year growth from inception
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