Onyx began operation in 2004 with an emphasis in developing trade into Africa.Onyx was the brainchild of a team of seasoned veterans of the food industry, bringing together a wealth of experience and in depth knowledge. Over the last decade, we have developed a leading reputation and continue to relentlessly look for ways to deliver significant value added growth for our customers.Our reach now extends to Africa, the Middle East, the Indian Sub-Continent and the Indian Ocean Islands.
With our associated offices in the US and UK and industrial ties in over 25 countries, we are in an excellent position to offer a comprehensive variety of products, covering all sectors of the food industry, from rice, sugar and FMCG goodsto frozen meats, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. We also specialise in non-food items supplying animal feed material and animal feed substitutes to a variety of feed factories and poultry farms.
We work in direct partnership with a multitude of growers, packers, wholesalers and manufacturers, carefully selecting the highest quality of product that meets our approved standards.We take an enormous effort to understand the supply chain right from the field to the consumer. This intimate knowledge of the process allows us to immediately respond to change when required. We also strive to maintain a relentless focus on creating value for our customers, with quality being the singular thread that drives our business each and every day.
Our roots stem from Tanzania, a dynamic nation on the East Coast of Africa. In addition we have strong business interests in the UK, US, Sri Lanka and the UAE, giving us exposure and experience to a vast array of working styles, business codes and diverse market forces.
Our guiding principle is the understanding of consumer requirements and objectives, across geographies and cultures. These findings allow us to continuously improve our systems, our product and eventually our new product development. We always try to develop long-term relationships with our partners. To encourage continuous business development, from generation to generation, allowing us to best serve our consumers across the region.