Distribution of FMCG goods to market isthe foundation our company was originally built on. We have a long history of assisting principles position their goods in emerging markets, helping them to capitalise off our extensive networks and infrastructure in the region. We have successfully placed a multitude of brands across Africa and Asiahelping to expand their export markets and increasing their visibility.

We also assist importers to broaden their product base by unlocking hidden potential of regionally and internationally produced goods, helping tailor make the product to best fit the consumer’s requirement in the destination market.

In the 1st quarter 2012 we have teamed up with a leading UK distributor of branded food and household products of UK origin. This has given us exclusive access to a state of the art warehousing facility in London, which allows us to maintain stock of the entire range of FMCG products we trade at all times. We consolidate and load the containers in house, ensuring that stuffing is done to the maximum efficiency. This ultimately reduces the freight burden to our customers, resulting in a more competitive product.

Whether you would like to introduce a specific product to your portfolio, or you would like our team to assist you in discovering untapped market potential, we can provide you with a tailored made service to meet your needs.