“Our passion for fruit runs to the core”

Onyx boasts a network of over 500 growers, packers and exporters and a team who between them have extensive experience and associations in the perishable industry. This enables us to select only the best produce at the most competitive prices. We understand the requirements of the international market and have proven time and time again that when it comes to fruit & vegetables, we know our game.

Our products are grown, picked and packed in flawless condition. We ensure all our produce goes through the most advanced post-harvest management techniques including sorting, grading and packing only premium quality products, pack houses, pre-cooling chambers, cold storage, controlled atmosphere storages and refrigerated delivery. We live by the ethos of ‘quality first’. This ethos compels us to put quality before anything else.

Ensuring supply for 12 months of the year is a challenge, but one we face with enthusiasm. Seasonality is manageable by dealing with both sides of the hemisphere. We also maintain longstanding relationships with numerous airlines and major shipping lines to ensure competitive, effective and timely delivery of cargo.
We patiently wait until the perfect time to harvest our apples, ensuring the right size and sweetness. We source our apples from July to February each year in the northern hemisphere, specifically from France, Italy and China. The Southern hemisphere is the primary source between February and June each year, fromChile, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa and New Zealand.